Dreams Come True: Introducing the Hailun Dream Assurance

You will love your Hailun Grand Piano – or we will exchange it!*


Purchasing a high quality performance piano should be an experience that allows you to focus on what really matters in a piano: performance and sound. As with other pianos that are extensively hand built, each Hailun instrument has its own character and expression. For instance, no two Hailun HG 218 pianos sound exactly the same. Some are a bit mellower and some are more projective, some are clear and piercing, fit for a concert hall performance, others are ideal for the intimacy of your home, perfectly suitable for chamber music. Our philosophy at Hailun has been to provide you with instruments that allow your musical dreams to come true. We want you to love the sound of your piano, the feel, the performance – and its individuality. We have had leading engineers from Austria, France, the United States, Japan and China utilize decades of experience in creating beautiful sounding instruments and their intimate knowledge of the myriad little details handed down from generations to give you the choice of inspiration. Hailun pianos are built in China to the highest levels of quality. And the goal is simple: we want to create an instrument that inspires you personally and engages you in a musical conversation.

With the Hailun Dream Assurance program you are at liberty to purchase a Hailun Grand Piano and place it in your home with the assurance that you will love the specific sound character, the musical colors, and unique expressions of your new instrument. If you do not love the specific instrument you chose – we will exchange it for a different instrument of the same model that caters more to your personal sound preference.

*Terms and Conditions: The Hailun Dream Assurance covers all Hailun Grand and some Upright Pianos (excluding the HU121). In order to qualify for the Hailun Dream Assurance you need to purchase the instrument from the closest Authorized Merchant participating in the Hailun Dream Assurance Program or a participating Merchant pre-approved by Hailun in cases where there is no local authorized representative. Dealer participation is optional and for participating merchants please contact Hailun USA. You also need to have registered the warranty of your piano with Hailun USA and inform Hailun USA in writing of your desire for the exchange within 90 days of purchase of your instrument. Exchange costs (i.e. costs for delivery to you of your new piano) should not exceed USD 500 for upright pianos and $ 1,500 for grand pianos. In instances where transport charges exceed that amount, your Authorized Hailun Dealer is required to obtain specific authorization from Hailun USA to extend the Hailun Dream Assurance prior to the purchase of your instrument. The Hailun Dream Assurance becomes effective on purchases starting August, 1, 2010.