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Northwest Piano Service

Piano Repair




4742 Liberty Rd S Ste 281,
Salem, OR 97302



By appointment

About Us:

Northwest Piano Service provides full service to uprights, grands, players, and square grand pianos. In-Home repair -Deep Cleaning and critter removal -String replacement -Caster and wheel truck repair -Chipped keys and Ivory repair (acrylic fillers and hand filing) -Minor action repair (hammers, shanks, keys, and more.) -Hinges, desk knobs, rubber stoppers -Lyre and pedal repair (pelican springs, doweling, dampers ,and more.) Shop repair and Contracts -Replacing key tops, and sharp key replacement / restoration -Replacement of bushings and buttons with limited key easing. -Hanging new hammers -Replace or recondition action components -Grand and Upright Regulation -Install felts, leather (escaine), springs, flanges, plastic to wood, and more! -Plate and soundboard reconditioning -Pin block replacement (grands) and reconditioning (uprights)


Northwest Piano Service serves clients in Marion, Polk, Linn, and Benton counties.  Additionally, we serve Lincoln City 

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