Cold Pressed Hammerheads

hammerheadOne of the most important parts of the piano is the hammerhead. Recent studies by several leading felt and hammerhead makers has revealed why the hammerheads used by piano factories in the nineteen twenties seemed to be superior to modern, mass produced hammerheads. Discerning piano builders and even pianists have long recognized the value of these hammerheads when found in good condition. Modern mass production relies on the use of heat during the compression process to facilitate that glue hardens faster. However, this process has adverse effects on the elasticity of the felt structure. Today, even makers of highest quality instruments rely on technicians in the field to prepare pianos (i.e. enhance their sound) by treating such hammers with chemicals.

The cold-pressed hammer production process does not alter the microstructure of the felt and allows for a hammerhead that is much more elastic. It ensures much higher tension on the surface of the hammerhead and provides the the ideal basis for optimal intonation. For more information, contact Hailun.