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Take Time In Selecting An Instrument

Over the last decades our society has come to live in what some call the “now” world. It is a place where everything needs to be immediate, without delay, and without the necessity of a prolonged attention span. Playing the piano and music making in general, however, are still activities that require prolonged dedication and promise a level of joy and personal satisfaction only available to those who commit to it. So it is with the selection of a piano. Differently than a car a piano can stay with you for decades – even generations and can become a lifelong companion and member of your family. Take your time in selecting an instrument that you feel comfortable with. The piano purchase has many dimensions: How much space do I have? What is my budget? Do I want a piano that reflects the European tradition of sound or the American piano philosophy? What feel of the keyboard do I like? These and similar questions help you identify your own preferences.

In addition to identifying your own preferences you will be confronted with a wide selection of instruments, companies and marketing messages. In order to better navigate these challenges we have put together several sources that you can turn to for more information and that should help you on your journey. Make sure you enjoy the journey of acquiring your piano! Ultimately, you should find the instrument that you connect with and that you like most. Our best wishes on your search.

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