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Statement on Current World Affairs April 2023

HAILUN Piano Company was founded on the premise of creating some of the finest grand and upright pianos possible. In an environment open to the exchange of ideas, art, and of technology, our team consisted of US designers, Japanese engineers, Austrian Piano Craftsmen, Chinese production specialists, and German Quality Control personnel. Simply put, it was a global team that created and continues to innovate the Award-Winning HAILUN pianos.


We, at HAILUN, unequivocally believe in a world based on freedom, respect and protection for the individual, and cooperation on a regional as well as global basis. While it is the prerogative of any government to put in place the policies it deems best, we as a company contest any initiatives geared to harm any group or groups of individuals whether domestically or abroad. We petition that every person be treated with equal respect and rights regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.


HAILUN seeks to be much more than a label. Music is a universal language that bridges the gap between cultures, experiences, and hearts. We are committed to producing high-quality pianos you can feel good about owning and loving.

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