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Retail Experience

Hailun USA relies on a network of dedicated and qualified piano technicians and piano retailers to make Hailun instruments available to consumers. Authorized Hailun Merchants are carefully selected based on their technical skills and their commitment to customer service. Often you will find Hailun pianos in smaller stores or in workshop showrooms of piano technicians.

We provide every Authorized Hailun Merchant with in depth material about our company and our products and expect them to reasonable relate this information to you. You should expect a knowledgeable product presentation from your Authorized Hailun Merchant. Similar to other high-end piano companies we rely on the Hailun Authorized Merchant to prepare the instruments for final presentation. Such preparatory work includes adapting the voicing of the instrument (i.e. the color and strength of the sound) to the local taste, tuning the instrument, and overall ensuring that the instrument will please a customer.

We expect the Authorized Hailun Merchant to follow up after the sale and ensure that that your piano is tuned after it has settled in your home. The Authorized Hailun Merchant is also our primary provider of any after sales service and warranty support. We therefore strongly recommend that you purchase your instrument from your local Authorized Hailun Merchant.

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