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About the Owners

Mrs. Haifen "Faye" Jin

“Over the last 20 years we have sought to build the best pianos possible” said Hailun Chen, owner of Hailun Pianos. “The Hailun Piano Company is our family enterprise.” Mrs. Haifen “Faye” Jin heads the Hailun Piano operations and quality control. Mr. Hailun Chen leads the company internationally, ensures constant technological improvements and secures technological cooperation with leading manufacturers from around the world. The Hailuns are both graduates of the Piano Technology School in Beijing. Mr. and Mrs. Chen insist on the highest level of quality, excellence in service and complete integrity in their business transactions.

The Hailun owners have a straightforward attitude toward their company: “I have put my name on my pianos and on my company” says Hailun Chen, “It is my personal guarantee to all of our customers, that each instrument is and continues to be crafted with the finest materials and to the highest quality standards. My reputation depends on it.”

Hailun Chen

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