Hybrid Performance Pianos

paulello43Over the years Hailun Piano Co. has made it a practice to engage piano technology authorities from Europe and the United States and combine their experience and know-how with the factory's dedicated and skilled craftsmen and workers. The goal was to offer to pianists highest quality instruments that customers could otherwise only enjoy by acquiring instruments that were built in Europe. These hybrid pianos rely not only on the cost advantage currently attainable in China, but on a highly skilled team of local engineers and workers, and a commitment to quality to present themselves as a real alternative of instruments several times their price. At their best they offer a sound, consistency, and quality mostly available from piano makers several times the cost of a Hailun.

The most recent example is the work of Mr. Stephen Paulello. Stephen Paulello is both a concert pianist, who has won numerous international piano competitions, and also a university professor for piano and chamber music. He completed his education as a piano technician with Bechstein and Steinway & Sons and was in charge of concert service for Bechstein in Paris. After a period in Germany spent developing his piano building skills, he started designing and building his own upright and grand pianos. Commenting on his own designs, he says: 'I wanted to do something different, something new to develop an alternative for pianists'. Indeed, in each and every respect he has succeeded. His experience was gained from 28 years of personal research into the various aspects of piano building. He learned by restoring, repairing and improving upright and grand pianos, as well as through optimization of the strings and actions.Stephen Paulello's patents and grand piano designs have won numerous awards, including a BA from the French Ministry for Culture. He is also responsible for the training and education of piano technicians in France, including the master associations AFARP & ITEMM. In order to meet Mr. Paulello's requirements the factory invested in larger CNC machines and with the help of his colleague Claire Pichet, a specialized CAD and robotics engineer, ensured that his designs were properly implemented.The result was the new model Hailun 218 semi-concert grand. Numerous pianists and piano builders already appreciate the instrument. Several institutions have already procured a Hailun 218 for their performance venues. For more information, contact Hailun.