PAS Keybed System

pasIn 2007 Hailun Piano Co. wanted to further increase the quality level and guarantee of longevity of its upright pianos. Performance upright pianos can be sensitive to temporary oscillations of humidity and temperature, and the effects can be minor shifts of the piano action (i.e. the mechanism that connects the keys to the hammerhead). Professional pianists are sensitive to such minor shifts and can sometimes detect them. Over time it is also possible for the wood to shift its form and cause a permanent change in the action. In order to ensure that the many combining parts that make up the action of an upright piano maintain a stable platform, Hailun Piano Company invented the Permanency- Accuracy- Stability Keybed System (PAS). This is an aluminum keybed structure that allows the piano action to be resistant to external influences and ensures that the instrument can be used for many years without concern. For more information, contact Hailun.