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Living Piano 

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16013 Waterloo Rd
Cleveland, OH 44110



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About Us:

Living Pianos is proud to be one of the first national piano dealers in the United States. We sell new Weber, Hailun, Flychord and Artesia pianos all over the country and can connect you to local dealers in select areas.

Weber has a unique place in the piano industry offering the American sound at exceptional value. While there are hundreds of new Chinese companies making pianos, Young Chang (a Korean company owned by Hyundai) has been producing pianos since the mid 1900’s. They began by producing pianos for Yamaha decades ago. Then, they produced pianos for Steinway. The Weber line is a premium piano inspired by the great American made Weber pianos from the past.

The Weber piano line is designed by Del Fandrich, one of the most respected piano designers in the world who played an intrinsic role in the development of Baldwin and Charles Walter pianos. There are many unique technologies employed to produce the warm, round American sound of the classic Weber pianos which had their roots in the mid 19th century. Technologies include low tension scale (like Steinway), cold pressed hammers, and AA grade solid sitka spruce soundboards.

Hailun is recognized as one of the 3 most valued brands along with Steinway and Yamaha. They have won awards in national publications such as Musical Merchandise Review Magazine. Hailun pianos have materials and features found in top-tier European pianos such as wet sand cast plate, hardwood rims, and high quality spruce soundboards. All New Hailun Pianos come with a 15-Year Transferable Factory Warranty - the best in the industry!

Specializing in Steinway and other restored, top-tier American and German pianos.

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