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Piano Gallery

Piano Store




#6-8989 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, AB, Canada T2H 0M2



Monday - Saturday 10am - 5:30pm


About Us:

We strive to provide excellent pianos at competitive prices that will last a lifetime. Don’t know where to start when buying a piano? Let us help by providing information not only about our pianos but manufacturers and the piano industry as a whole. Although Piano Gallery is new to Macleod Trail the staff are not newcomers to the piano scene. Our staff, over years of travel and experience in selling the best brands, have developed solid relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and their owners. This experience gives them the expertise to consult you knowledgeably and intelligently about pianos.


Our mission is to provide you with accurate information so you can make an informed decision on which piano is right for you. We look to provide you with a comprehensive selection of the best brands fit appropriately to various levels of quality and performance. Our store offers competitive pricing and service that can meet your needs regardless of playing level and budget. We strive to ensure your decision to invest in a piano offered at Piano Gallery will be just as satisfying 10 or 20 years from now as it is the day you take delivery. Through our superior products and service we hope to earn your business and respect.

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