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Hailun Pianos sponsors 34th Phoenix Piano Ensemble Festival

Hailun Pianos sponsors 34th Phoenix Piano Ensemble Festival by the East Valley Music Teacher Association

Pianistically speaking there is not anything else with a longer tradition in Arizona than the annual Phoenix Piano Ensemble. It was started by Isabelle and Julian Mcreary, a teaching couple who felt the need to stimulate young students and draw them into a circle with other pianists, as instrumentalists assemble bands and orchestras. In 1952, the McCrearys persuaded twenty-eight piano teachers to hand pick nearly two hundred students for a concert. The popularity of the event grew, as many as six hundred piano students from Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas participated.

This year marks the 69th year of the event and the 34th year that it has been hosted by the East Valley Music Teacher Association.

Chairperson Marcia Havlovic along with Committee Member Radmila Stojanovic-Kiriluk visited Southwest Pianos to consult on what options were available. The organization was in need of sufficient instruments for the Festival. The tight availability of instruments due to COVID made finding sufficient pianos difficult. Darald Hought, Store Manager at Southwest Pianos, contacted Hailun Piano Company. Hailun Piano Company graciously supported the event by sending more instruments to Phoenix and making them available for the event. The centerpiece of the evening was a Hailun Model 218 designed by Stephen Paulello and a Fazioli 212.

The event featured teachers from the East Valley: Autumn Hunt, Becky Rogers, DeAnn Mortensen, Debbie Saifi, Fran Kaspar, Julie Follett, Ken Noble, Lara Holt, Lianna Rivera Rice, Marcia Havlovic, Marcy Trupe, Marla Bradford, Mary Beth Shaffer, Melodie Acker, Nadia Feeken, Nina Jin Hessenius, Nataliya Willoughby, Pam Crockett, Radmila Stojanovic-Kiriluk, and Sara Turley.


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