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Maricopa School District Welcomes Hailun 218

In 2022 Maricopa School District set out to replace its 100-year-old Chickering & Sons 7-foot piano, with a new concert grand. The Chickering & Sons piano had some issues with its action and sound making it difficult to play.

Hailun 218

Driven by school staff and parents, the group fundraised to replace the piano with one that would be a wonderful addition to the school’s music program.

Many pianos were considered and tested. Ultimately, the search led them to the Hailun 218 designed by French piano designer Stephen Paulello. The 7-foot instrument fit the exact needs of the school as far as quality and performance power.

Several different members of the Maricopa School District evaluated the Hailun 218 and found it to be a high-quality instrument that would be the perfect fit.

Darald Hough of Southwest Pianos assisted the Maricopa search committee in their purchase of this beautiful Hailun instrument, and saw it played for the first time in their auditorium, with much excitement.

We are honored that happy customer find the right piano for their needs and budget with a Hailun..

A professional piano bench and a cover were included in this purchase.


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